Janus Motorcycle History

Janus Motorcycles is an American motorcycle manufacturer that produces handmade vintage-style motorcycles. The company was founded by Richard Worsham and Devin Biek in 2011 and is based in Goshen, Indiana. Janus Motorcycles specializes in producing motorcycles that combine the classic look of vintage bikes with modern technology.

Janus Motorcycles was founded by Worsham and Biek due to their passion for vintage motorcycle design. In 2011, they began restoring and redesigning old motorcycles in their college house, which led to the formation of Janus Motorcycles. The company aimed to create an opportunity to redesign vintage motorcycles with modern technologies.

Janus Motorcycles produces handmade motorcycles, and the company designs many of its parts from scratch. For example, they craft their frames by hand, upholster their seats, and paint their motorcycles in detail. The designs of Janus Motorcycles' motorcycles reflect a vintage style, but the company enhances their performance and safety by integrating modern technology.

Janus Motorcycles released their first motorcycles, the Halcyon and Phoenix, in 2013. The Halcyon was a café racer style motorcycle, and the Phoenix was a scrambler motorcycle. These models reflected a vintage design but were enhanced with modern technologies and safety features. Since then, the company has released various models and continuously develops their designs.

Despite being a small motorcycle manufacturer, Janus Motorcycles has become a popular choice for customers interested in vintage-style motorcycles. The company also accepts custom orders from their customers. Janus Motorcycles' motorcycles are handmade and expensive due to their vintage style, but they are highly regarded by their customers.

Some of Janus Motorcycles' popular models include the Halcyon, Phoenix, Gryffin, and the recently released Halcyon 450. These models reflect the company's vintage style and modern technology integration.

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